…Hold on, waitaminute, there’s a message here that I missed somehow. I mean, uh, it must’ve been hidden, by other messages, is what I’m saying. Although it is easy to miss things on this ridiculous human website.

Not that humans are ridiculous! Sorry, stuff like that keeps slipping out, haha, gotta watch the, um, the ol’ vocal processor, there. Anyway, message, message, let’s see the message, hm…

Oh, and another thing, you’re right. Why hasn’t she responded by now? Does she know how long I spent on that apology-letter thing? Ages! I went over it again and again—Spacey even looked over it for me, although he kept pestering me to put nice things about space in it—and I did everything I could to make it absolutely bloody perfect, and she hasn’t even looked at it yet. Downright rude.

"Oh, I got a bloody brilliant idea, let’s carve little ol’ Wheatley into a rocketship and send it up into space for laughs! And not even use the rocket to pick him up and bring him back, because why do that when we can draw little pictures poking fun at ‘im for being trapped up there while we’re down here happily drinking coffee?”

Anonymous said: I hate explosion day,it nearly killed me anyway's what do you use to draw for wheatley and the other stuff?

((OOC: I use Pixelmator to draw everything))

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Yesterday was this blog’s anniversary!

That’s right, this thing is a whole year old now. Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. Seriously, it’s crazy. Anyway, it’s because of everyone out there that this happened, so all of us just wanted to say…


Thank you for the follows, and- and the messages, even if some of them were hard to answer. And thank you to everyone who took a look at this blog and was like “Hm, that’s nice, that’s a top-notch blog,” and then went on with their lives and never thought about it again. Even if you didn’t think that, still, it’s great to know this thing has been looked at, at least.

((OOC: This is really a thank you/love letter from me more than Wheatley, to all my followers! :D I didn’t expect this little ask blog to be as successful as it has been. 842 followers so far, and I just… wow!

Thank you for a great year, and here’s to more good years to come! :D ))

((Also of course I don’t own the music, it just fits really really well.))